Thursday, 28 August 2014


One thing I've learned since trying to write about cricket for cash is always to be on the lookout for an earner. So, when I pootled along to watch Moddershall play Hem Heath in the Staffs Cup quarter-finals, I thought I might as well ask their overseas player, Abdul Razzaq (46 Tests, 265 ODIs, 32 T20Is), for an interview. He was obliging ... up to a point. He studiously rebuffed any frivolous questions I had, instead seeming upon taking every opportunity to get stuck in to the Pakistan Cricket Board - not all of which made the final piece for ESPNcricinfo. He wasn't chuffed with them, old Abdur Prozac.

I also learned that, when he played for Middlesex, the team used to watch porn films in the dressing room to help the players relax. Interesting theory. Not sure walking out to bat with the desire to crack one off is all that relaxing, myself...

Quick Singles: Abdul Razzaq