Saturday, 25 August 2012

PHLEGMATIC NEWELL (GU blog extracts)

Aside from a three-over burst of anger and frustration from the gesticulating Notts fielders (and all the other emotions Brian from Spaced used to depict in his work), the cricket at Trent Bridge this morning has progressed fairly serenely, which suits only one side. Stoneman has again looked impressive and has 74 out of Durham’s 111 for 1.

The source of Notts’ ire was a couple of loud, consecutive appeals against Keaton Jennings that were rejected by umpire Steve Gale, who the fielding team clearly feel owes them a couple, maybe three, from yesterday. Mullaney got a stinker (height), Franks had a rough’un (pitched outsde leg), Hales’s might also have been going down. I asked Mr Onions last night whether he felt they were all out and, pre-empting an answer, qualified it with “…even though it will say so in tomorrow’s paper”, failing to realize that I could have in fact written that they were dubious. “Well, there you go”, he answered, unable to prevent the hint of a grin appearing.

Walking round from pavilion to press box when the grousing on the field and grumbling in the stands were at their brief zenith, Mick Newell had a spectator (a real one, not Nev) say: “Need some new umpires aaht there, Mick”. Newell deadpanned: “Well, there’s enough in the crowd”.

The above was published by the Guardian on County Cricket - Live! for August 17, day three of Nottinghamshire vs Durham. Report here

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