Friday, 22 February 2013


Strictly speaking, it’s not plagiarism if you steal from yourself, is it? It can’t be. Whatever, I was happy to have another piece published on what I’m legally obliged to call Cricinfo's irreverent Page 2 section. It was a re-work, a re-jig, a re-hash, a remix of this piece griping about the unimaginatively macho and Yankified names given to T20 franchises – only, where that one dealt with the clubs of my local league, this was about the counties. You know, the Sussex Sharks, Glamorgan Dragons, Gloucestershire Gladiators... Yawn. 

My beef, and that of Frank Wisdom, is that they need to be less struttingly steroidal and more, well, down to earth, more honest. Unfortunately, Cricinfo being a mainstream website I had to tone down some of the ideas. Thus failing to make the cut were: Yorkshire Rippers, Sussex Sex Offenders, Suffolk Sisterfuckers, Wiltshire Wifebeaters – monikers that better reflect twenty-first century life in Dear Old Blighty. 

Anyway, here’s the piece if yous fancy a gander: re-rebranding the counties