Friday, 5 June 2015


Last month, All Out Cricket magazine published the first in a new series of short pieces that I'll be contributing about the cult players of county cricket: 'The Shire Brigade'. Truth be told, it was only pitched because I wanted to include a former editor of mine's observation about Aah ter talk Notts, and to segue from Tony Hadley to Richard Hadlee.

Anyway, the qualifications for cult status are simply that you're universally loved by the members, a bit of a character, and have a funny story or two to tell. The candidates from around the counties would be the likes of Peter Trego, Phil Mustard, Jack Shantry, James Tomlinson, Charlie Shreck, Rob Key, Mark Footitt, all of whom I'm hoping to cross off the list. 

The Shire Brigade: Luke Fletcher 

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