Thursday, 12 March 2015


No-one really thought England were going to be any good, did they? Right. Thought not. But we didn't expect them to be that bad. Boy, they really stunk the World Cup out.

What we got was timid batting, without any of the courage or innovation on show anywhere else, and predictable, paceless, samey bowling that was about as frightening as a custard pie. On top of that, and perhaps worst of the lot, was uninspired or uninspiring leadership that fell back on dismal management-speak, that hid behind stats and data when a basic feel for the game might have told them that their plans – both tactics and strategy – weren't working. 

We thought 275 was chaseable. We shall have to look at the data. That was the response after Bangladesh.

So, I wrote my maiden (non-guest) blog for ESPNcricinfo's The Cordon about that. Not by choice (I'd originally chosen to write about South Africa and choking) but out of blood-boiling necessity. I wanted its title to be one of Par for the Course or England Need Data Protection Act. Never mind.

Data-obsessed England need Reality Check


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