Thursday, 26 December 2013


Following on from similarly broad life-and-times interviews with Derek Randall and Peter Lever, cricinfo published an ‘interview’ (well, fragments of quotes derived from a long and winding conversation, getting in for an hour and a half) with the quietly spoken former Yorkshire and England fast-medium bowler, Chris Old.

A Middlesbrough boy, Chris now lives in Falmouth, where he used to run a fish and chip shop. To most people of my age and slightly older, he will be indelibly remembered for his small but crucial role in the miraculous Headingley Ashes Test of 1981, when England, famously inspired by Botham’s batting and Willis’s bowling, won after following on, one of only three such results in the history of Tests. Outside of that, he had an interesting career involving 46 Test appearances and two decades in a stormy Yorkshire dressing room.

Have a read, if you like: Chris Old: Gleanings

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