Sunday, 10 November 2013


Two years ago, I was asked, tentatively, whether I'd be interested in editing a website (well, a beefed up blog) as a spin-off from the now defunct Surreal Football. I agreed  provisionally, anyway  and had a bit of a brainstorming session for column and feature ideas, commissioning a couple of illustrations for them, as well as a banner for the site, which was to be called The Green Top. 

As with so many of these things, it failed to leave the drawing board, although I'm happy to say that a couple of these drawings, which did leave the drawing board, have found a home on cricinfo. First, there was Crystal Ball Tampering, and now Mother Tendulkar (which was intended to be a sort of Agony Aunt column), which has somehow wormed its way on to their microsite dedicated to the Little Master's retirement. It's partly a suggestion for what he should do after finishing, partly a tale of how my almost exact contemporary's cricketing trajectory soared where mine didn't. There isn't still time. Time

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