Sunday, 27 May 2012


Irreverent filmmakers Jarrod Kimber and Sam Collins have carved out a niche providing daily video blogs from Test matches under their The Two Chucks guise. They are also making a feature-length documentary about the future viability and prosperity of the Test game that has involved interviewing several legends and which I have vaguely and idiotically suggested I’ll try and see if Joe Hart wants to finance (don’t ask!). The film is called Death of a Gentleman and is in development.

Anyway, at the end of Day 2, after Strauss’s presser and before his Windies counterpart’s, they asked if I’d be prepared to do the regular slot at the end of their vlog, in which a journalist wraps up the day’s play in 20 seconds (ish). So, I had the 5 minutes of Sammy’s press conference to have a think; then, while Jarrod set up, a further couple of minutes to fret, vital seconds during which, instead of pondering what I’d say, I chatted to a virtual friend made flesh (someone I’d emailed and Tweeted a few times, but never met), Gary Naylor.*

s the clip. I’m at 7:17, in mono:

* Gary is semi-ubiquitous on the Internet, almost a sports writing version of Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon: he’s the Guardian Blog’s Mouth of the Mersey, an occasional Test Match Sofa commentator, an Evertonian and author of a marvellous Blizzard piece about supporting the Toffees in the late 60s and early 70s, and a future collaborator on Bowls in Geneva, a Blizzard-like project for longform journalism across all sports.

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